Welcome to SaaS Knowledge Base

SaaS Knowledge Base a sinlge place where we captured all the SaaS conference notes either in-person or by watching the videos.

As a SaaS company which stage are you in?

Why Learn SaaS?

The basic idea behind "SaaS Knowledge Base" is to bring some of the best conference notes relevant to SaaS under a single place. We will publish the notes we have personally taken in person or also go through some of the videos and summarize it nicely. The problem we have noticed is, out of the 20-40 minutes content from the speaker there will only be a handful of useful messages (probably 3-4 key points), other than that a lot of time is spent on not so relevant things like background, speaker info, generic fillers, etc.

As SaaS Founders and CEO's we are interested in the content and the key messages, but we cannot spend the whole 20-40 minutes of our time watching the video. It's not just the transcript of the video, there is a lot of hard work behind the scene, a human being has listened to the content carefully, curated the notes, important points, and slides and consolidated it nicely here. So far we have invested about 3 months of our time to get the initial base version with around 40 articles. We are planning to keep adding content at least 2-3 articles per week. Over time we hope to have the best content for SaaS learning in a single place.

We structured the content into 3 main categories (Traction, Growth, and Scale). If you are a SaaS company, you must fall under one of these stages. We will place the content in relevant categories.